Lucy Grey Traces Majia Couvre x Chefs
Lucy Grey Traces Majia Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Lucy Grey – Exhausting Myself (Rabit Remix) (Majía)

The promising Welsh musician Lucy Grey chooses the Majía label and surrounds herself with Royo and Rabit as remixers for her first introspective and experimental EP

Lucy Grey is a Welsh DJ, producer, and musician based in Liverpool. She is co-founder of Dubs Club, a friendly meet-up group featuring female and minority producers. Host of NOODS Radio’s Dawn Chorus, Melodic Distraction Radio’s Broken Record, and AAJA Radio’s Dubs Club residency, Lucy Grey’s DJ sets explore experimental club music from around the world.

As her reputation as a cutting-edge musician grows and crosses borders, the producer is set to release her first-ever EP on the Houston-based label Majía. Entitled Traces, the EP is presented as an introspective sonic expression and exploration of the self. Intricate textures and vocal experimentation meet along the three original tracks that make up the release. Composed during confinement, Traces addresses self-realization and the search for light after a period of darkness.

I started making music in my teens in the unused room of my parents’ house in Wales. It was there that I realized how viscerally music can transport my mind to another place, and how much I needed that place.

Lucy Grey

To complete the release, two remixes have been added to the tracklisting: the first one by Royo (fka Sines), Majía’s boss, who delivers a massive jungle version of the track “Ether”. The second, which we are unveiling today in our columns, is by the Grammy-nominated and emblematic producer Rabit. For his re-reading of “Exhausting Myself”, the visionary Texan composer delivers an abrasive experimental club missile as only he knows how.

The artwork is by Izzy Bolt and depicts a dark, dystopian world, a tribute to escape and wandering, both of which played an important role in Lucy’s early musical experiments.

Pre-order Traces by Lucy Grey on Bandcamp, official release on 28 April via Majía.