La Vie C’est Facile : the nu-grime sound from Switzerland


La Vie C’est Facile is one of those slaps from the internet you gotta take one day or the other. Straight out of Biel, the duo La Vie C’est Facile distills its ambitious, experimental (nu?) grime and it is more than convincing. After touring throughout Switzerland and releasing various tracks and carefully choseedits, La Vie C’est Facile aka LVCF just released their first EP on the label Creaked: Fun Zone. With its industrial and deconstructed feel, its futuristic techno effects, and other bass music gimmics finely produced, LVCF brilliantly defines its own vision of contemporary grime and place themselves with (the ironically named) Fun Zone amongst the names of club music of which to be reckoned with. Interview.

Couvre x Chefs | So who is La Vie C’est Facile?

La Vie C’est Facile | Hi, this is Nico and Joachim. We are cousins and live in the small Swiss city of Biel.

Couvre x Chefs | How was the project born?

La Vie C’est Facile | It started when we moved in together about 5 years ago. It was then when we discovered styles such as UK Funky and Bass music. At the same time we started mixing and organizing parties in the basement of our building. It immediately worked well, it was something exotic enough for everyone because this kind of style was practically not represented in the region. Thereafter we kept on organizing events and we did a wild mixes throughout Switzerland. The production naturally came to us some years later. We are not musicians so that was a bit laborious. Finally, we think it has helped us to approach to music in a different way, without rules.

Couvre x Chefs | What led you to grime then?

La Vie C’est Facile | Grime has happened with our ears listening to albums from people like Wiley, Dizzee, Ruff Sqwad between 2004 and 2007. At this time we listened to American rap, but we didn’t get interested into that culture. It was in 2011 that we discovered a new wave of artists like Visionist, Logos, Bloom, etc.

We were immediately hooked on this approach to more experimental grime.

Today it still is our favorite style, in production as well as mixes. By cons we’re not prohibited from exploring other genres and mixes.

Fun Zone, first La Vie C’est Facile’s EP

Couvre x Chefs | You will get your first EP FUN ZONE (with a beautiful vinyl edition) in a few days (at Creaked). What does this mean to you?

La Vie C’est Facile | It’s great to get out our first EP on vinyl. In addition, on the Creaked label whom for over 10 years has had a good reputation in Switzerland. It was cool to be taken in such a process that encompasses several aspects (production, visual, promo …).

Couvre x Chefs | At CXC we didn’t known at all (our bad!) this Grime / future Swiss bass music scene … but the movement seems extremely productive both in terms of events as well as producers! Which ones we must absolutely know and where should we absolutely go for a walk when we go there?

La Vie C’est Facile | The movement is very small but also very productive. Most of the producers are also DJs and they do it out of passion. This gives us the chance to attend quite often quality events. But don’t get over excited about the Bass Grime scene yet, it remains as a kind of niche and it would only take 2-3 people to leave the game for nothing to happen anymore. For producers and DJs we took the opportunity to quote our friends SIMPIG, Hidden Peaks, Lemonick, Krizzli, Bass Vandalizm, Malki, Fez Momo and Mike Waulie.

Couvre x Chefs | You were at the Montreux Jazz Festival this summer. Was life facile?

La Vie C’est Facile | Yes, for us the Montreux Jazz is the most prestigious festival in Switzerland so we were super honored to play there. We had to make a more than 4-hours set, it was not easy but the public was receptive. Besides the welcome was sick and on arrival we crossed Quincy Jones.

Couvre x Chefs | Finally, and more FUN ZONE, what is next for you guys?

La Vie C’est Facile | For now we plan to defend our EP at parties whilst preparing for our next project. We also decided to release a new compilation with our collective Tomorrow Is Today hopefully it will be available early in 2016.

Listen to Fun Zone just below, and go grab the vinyl here.

BONUS : interview and mix by La Vie C’est Facile on the excellent English radio NTS


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Traduction by Ryan Lavoine and Sándalo Alquitrán.