L’ANALYTIQUE DE L’ALIMENT – Couvre x Chefs’ homies [blog d’inspiration]

At Couvre x Chefs, we have many friends who do many cool things. So we love to talk about it and share it to you. We allready talked about the blog TROPICAL IS FUTURE (now known as CROQUE-MOUTON) held by the big homie Harold Café Crème (an ideal place to change your ideas when your brain is too full at work).

Today, we are not going to highlight a blog with tattooed girls which are wearing the latest Supreme snapback and holding a baby tiger in their arms ; no. We are going to talk about cooking, food and of course calories. Since 2010, the homies Eve Langlois and Julien Cluzeau are feeding the blog L’analytique de l’Aliment with delicious information. The different headings make us realize, with a funny note, the pervasiveness of food in our consummative society in which we live. We go along happily through the headings L’Aliment en acte to learn about the latest trend in food agitating the food sphere ; L’esthétique de l’Aliment to learn about the influence of food on art in general, La critique de l’Aliment pur to know the good places to go and eat in Paris and other places …

Because it is that time of the year when we all go back to school and we have all went into luxury during the holidays, because the Champions League is starting all over and we want to replace the classic pizza-beer-football by something more classy and elaborated…we recommend you to go and check out their website and to follow their adventures on Facebook.