Mini Club – The discotheque acording to Fulgeance [EP]

The coolest soundtrack of the month has finally banged ! Here comes the large Fulgeance‘s new EP, Mini Club.

Along 7 tracks, Fulgeance once more shows that his creativity has no limits. Our mustached friend, with this kind of architectural soundtrack, literally defines the spaces whom his music turns around. Along 7 tracks, builds in the coolest club on earth.

Indeed we travel a lot, with some anagogic sounds, similar to a modern design. You actually sit on an orange carpet, sipping your Martini rosé, Madam’s reading the latest Italian Vogue on an Acapulco chair. Remains some Cointreau in your glossy Vitra bar. The turntable’s hot, here comes the Mini Club !

While we wait for the next Fulgeance’s LP release in october, increase the sound, and wiggle your translucent-yellow cap on GR8 MMNT !