“Mahalo”, James Lega’s new EP

James Lega releases his new EP “Mahalo” on Noircity

James Lega is back! Luckily, because we were starting to get eager. And best of all: we’re not the slightest disappointed.

Let’s get down to it: James Lega is a beatmaker that we like, or even love, for the inimitable atmosphere that he manages to install. His precedent instrumental EPs have always only reinforce this view (June, Still / Down, ). We also knew James Lega as a rapper, as he does it extremely well on his EP “The Strategy Fails” (among others).

This new EP, mysteriously entitled Mahalo is to align into the continuity of the instrumental EPs first mentioned above. But the big news is that James Lega raps / talks/ lists facts / thinks aloud / fantasises in rhymes / regrets in verses / all this structured in short metaphors… James Lega uses his voice as a new instrument that comes flying over the production. And it works completely, the mixture takes on each track. Good old James.

I will say no more, here is the link for the EP (free download again, thank you Noircity!). The only recommendation is to listen to this EP at night.

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Traduction by Ryan Lavoine & Sándalo Alquitrán.