Night Music – James Lega – June [EP]

It’s been a while since we have been closely following the releases from James Legalize aka James Lega at CXC, and it is with the recent EP June that we find a little time to say a few words. We will not dwell too much, and we will not engage either in a sharp chronic (leave that to the experts), but we would like to share our feelings about the unique atmosphere James Lega manages to escape. Indeed, whether as MC, or as beatmaker (producer? Musician? Sound architect?), The vassal of the Black City, Noircity, bewitches us into his dark and smoky universe.

We can compare June to the Still/Down, a great instrumental EP last year, as both provide a music we can listen to in the living room in the middle of the night. Our favorite : Il Est Temps Pour Toi De Partir, an hopeful loop suggests that the first light of dawn.

Regarding James MC Lega, hang up and listen to this track. Booba wrote My Definition (Ma Définition), Lega its Strategy of failure (Stratégie de l’échec).