Mondragón's Sonido Negro artwork
Mondragón's Sonido Negro artwork
Sonido Negro artwork

Mondragón – Sonido Negro [EP]

Mondragón releases his third EP, “Sonido Negro”.

We had previously told you about our friend Mondragón from Mexico City, on the occasion of the release of his previous EP, Constelaciones. Since then, the guy has signed a contract with a label, moved to Canada and he’s back now with his second EP, Sonido Negro.

Included are two tracks, which constitute a coherent sequel to the producer’s first experimentations. Titán fits the ambient repertoire set by Constelaciones, while Saturno suggests that Mondragón’s project is taking a “dancing” turn.

Mondragón playing live
Playing live at Piso Catorce

Finally, we can’t resist sharing with you this other track, recently published by Mondragón, that he has produced in collaboration with the Mexican producer Norbert Duke. A modern R’n’B Jewel !