#NoCracks – Wilow Amsgood ne rigole pas [mixtape]

17 tracks, 56 MCs, an edition of about 15 classic productions amongst the american rap music history, 50 hours of work, a lot of talent, many punchlines, 3 801 downloadings and 5 675 plays on Bandcamp in the first 24 hours, a Twitter-like hashtaged name….no doubt #NoCracks is the hot trending topic right now !

twitter - wilow amsgood

Although he is slightly more productive as regards Tweets than music (we were so impatient when we read this tweet : “I will make a mixtape in 3 weeks. Rappers, be ready”), Wilow Amsgood has just showed us (once again) that when he publishes something, it’s no joke as regards quality… #NoCracks

#NoCracks is a well-produced mixtape, featuring a lot of invited artists, including some influent guys in the current rap scene, like Joke, Artik, Sneazzy (cf. his refrain on Double Poney), Ripklaw, Driver, Pit Baccardy (hands in the air !)… and other hot Wilow’s homies ! We at CxC find the project pretty amazing !

All those guys are linked in by Wilow Amsgood’s unique attitude. Sometimes author of heavy refrains (Nigg*s in ParisRêves & Ambitions, Party & Bullshit), epic punch-liner, grower of technical mic prowesses, gimmicks and video-game references (see the 8-bit intro by Dasuun), or emotional when it comes to talking about feelings toward his mum…Wilow makes use of many ways to draw his first-in-class kid universe. Ovation for the cover, metaphor of The Coolege concept, and reference to those classic mixtapes which inspired the project.

In 2012 we were looking for Le Sauveur de Midgard (an LP to come), and we finally got the #NoCracks mixtape in 2013, to help us in the waiting !

Go download this here !

CxC’s fav : the freestyle on Les Miens.