“Why Phoot Camp? Life is about doing great work with our friends, if we make it happen.”

Phoot Camp 2010 Trailer from Aruninator on Vimeo.

“Why Phoot Camp? Life is about doing great work with our friends, if we make it happen.”

The quotation from Laura Brunow Miner, a freelance photographer in charge of various projects (head of JPG Magazine, marketing designer for Gould Evans, conference master at the first edition of the Creative Mornings in San Francisco on the theme « Why we work ? »…).

Among this plethora of initiatives, the Phoot Camp one has struck us and completely turned our heads around. The concept, quite simple, is really efficient: reunite in one same place for a few days, thirty photographers from all over the world. From different countries and different cultures, this “melting-pot” gives birth to clichés sweating with truth, authenticity and that happy feeling. A moment “out of time” that takes place every year since 2009. PhootCamp embodies the values of its founder Laura Miner whom encourages in all the projects she takes on, “the superficial complexity rejection” to end up realizing simple idea by going straight to the essential. That is PhootCamp; simple people who quickly became friends, with a crazy craving of discovering one another. A context that is obviously perfect for creativity and enable artists to do their coming out and make their art grow.

To help you realize the spirit that embodies Phoot Camp; check out the report video from the 2010 edition; in a house in LA. Just Dope.

The 2012 edition will take place mid June and will be sponsored by Virb for the third year consecutive. If you want to give it a chance and be part of the adventure in 2013; you can apply here: http://phootcamp.com/apply