Ofyerf HIPOTENUSA Fayuca Retumba Couvre x Chefs 2
Ofyerf HIPOTENUSA Fayuca Retumba Couvre x Chefs 2

PREMIERE: Ofyerf – Blasfemia (Fayuca Retumba)

The new Fayuca Retumba label launches with an exciting hybrid EP between breaks and tribal prehispánico influences from Mexican producer Ofyerf

Ofyerf is a producer and DJ based in Cuautitlán Izcalli in the State of Mexico (Estado de Mexico, Edomex). His musical universe draws on influences from techno, brostep, house, cumbia, reggaeton and tribal prehispánico.

After several dozen tracks released independently on his SoundCloud, he will shortly be releasing the Hipotenusa EP on Fayuca Retumba, the label recently launched by producer and DJ Yourte Bugarach. The 3 tracks that make up the EP interweave ‘Latin’ rhythmics, breaks, subliminal vocals and hypnotic melodies, inviting the listener to a festive experience that lasts beyond daybreak. Hybrid, elusive, and unexpected, each track on Hipotenusa reveals a surprising and irresistible structure. Ofyerf cuts his tracks with the precision of a mathematician, moving naturally from one rhythmic sequence to another, from one mood to another.

To give you an idea of the Mexican producer’s talent, we’ll let you throw in the track ‘Blasfemia’, which we unveiled in this article before the EP’s release. Punctuated by unstoppable breaks, tribal prehispánico percussion and other BPM changes, the track represents Ofyerf’s bubbling creativity. Fans of Radecor Domar, El Irreal Veintiuno, Alfonso Luna and Siete Catorce will be delighted!

Pre-order Hipotenusa EP by Ofyerf on Bandcamp. Out on July 8 via Fayuca Retumba.