Chef Du Jour : One£ight – Si£ver EP

Silver rings and magic gems on each finger, sparkling grillz, the dashing Onelight (or One£light) just released his latest EP called Si£ver, featuring the legendary Egyptian Lover.


Egyptian Lover with One£ight’s new EP.


One£ight, with Ylva Falk.

After a first release on Musique Large one year ago (TUGGSPEEDMAN EP, ft. a remix from Orgasmic), One£ight is back with this second EP, on Parisian label SUPRA.

Si£ver, the eponymous track, is a fine technoïd synthesis of 80’s electro-funk and break beat, some would say “Miami bass”. The whole mix is inch-perfect for Egyptian Lover, whose e-mail adress made him accessible for this exciting collaboration. Cherry on the cake, the marvelous videoclip looks like it was shot in a nightclub under a pyramid.

Si£ver, the full EP, is available on iTunes and on vinyl via Bandcamp.

One£ight is on Facebook, SoundCloud and Mixcloud, but not only.