Philou talks about cumbia 2.0 with L’Artichaut

The Interview – Philou tells you about cumbia 2.0

Small self-promotional post to present the interview which I had the chance to perform for the blog L’Artichaut. The interview was (brilliantly!) led by Camille Gerhard, a regular contributor from L’Artichaut, a blog attached to the Arts Bureau of Paris Institute of Political Studies (Bureau Des Arts Sciences Po Paris).

Philou Passe Des Disques x Cumbia (& +) x L’Artichaut

I mentioned there the cumbia genre, a popular music from Latin America, or rather some of the “different cumbias” which are found in different countries and some of their characteristics. I recall the evolution of cumbia to “digital cumbia” and more generally the evolution of popular music from Latin America with electronic music (… or vice versa!). My favourites are tribal, reggaeton, dembow … and my first influences are rap and beat music; and then I mention how I blend it in my mixes and DJ sets as Philou passe des disques, or just Philou, and the resonance of the music on the platform Couvre x Chefs.

Bonus: I made a special playlist of forty titles to find at the end of the article.

Thanks to L’Artichaut again and Camille for their interest.

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Traduction by Ryan Lavoine & Sándalo Alquitrán.