putivuelta compilacion couvre x chefs
putivuelta compilacion couvre x chefs

“Putivuelta Compilación Vol.1”, global and local

The first compilation, from the eponymous label Putivuelta, collective and Colombian nights based in Bogota and gathering among others Ynfynyt Scroll, K_Hole Kardashian, SISTER Y BROTHER or Baby Estupida, Putivuelta seeks to create an imaginary future where genres disappear, in all the senses that can cover “gender”.

We find in particular No Boy, Merca Bae or Chico Sonido for the names best known in our European ears. But far from stopping there we also discover a lively and diverse scene as South America has been producing for a few years now.

There is something of the political intent that we find in the project of this compilation, the project of erasing boundaries to create the imaginary sound of a diaspora from South America. If we dared a neologism the sound of a Pan-South Americanism, to use the Pan-African expression.

On the program, all the “electronic” diversity of the contains and its diaspora: dembow, reggaeton, neo-rnb pop, hybrid-club, loans, bootlegs or vernacular genres.

So many genres, and classifications that gradually fade into the compilation, in favor of its global reading and its announced and successful will to produce a soundtrack mixing insularity and diaspora in the same movement.

Local and global, nothing incompatible for Putivuelta.

It is no longer a question of country, or contains, but simply of the soundtrack of this imaginary future where the borders would be abolished to leave room for all these possibilities that one can not yet know. A kind of future now.

This position which works all the compilation gives to hear particularly successful pieces in their brewing or on the contrary in their singularity.

Field5 for example by Habib1 quite skillfully mixes post club sample, effects, rhythmic line and vernacular percussion, internet melody and electronic intensity.

On the contrary, Chico Sonido (who released 69 Bootlegs pack, it looks beautiful, in June), insists in his neo-reggaeton enjoyment, sometimes closer to hip-hop than a reggaeton, say, usual. Ayeeemani immerses us in a dembow spent club sauce, where we find also an interesting mix with post-Euro-dance melodies so valuable in the productions of the maestro Dinamarca kind. Or else K.Hole_Kardashian who offers us a kind of neo-trance electronics that is not unlike the bosses from NAAFI, but version techno digestion.

Without dwelling on each of the 12 titles that compose the compilation, Putivuelta managed to make us see all the possibilities of the soundtrack of an imaginary future (or not, charge to each.e to realize it), without border, where invent all imaginable possibilities and perhaps even more.

In any case, this is a first compilation, which can make us all curious about the upcoming events around Putivuelta. A very promising start anyway.

Special mention for Shiroi Kitsune‘s trance neo-Eurodance trance piece, which is a kind of masterpiece of the genre, and also a sort of rework of Niños by Dinamarca!

Gora Putivuelta.

Putivuelta Compilación Vol. 1 is available for free download on Bandcamp.