Ravver Cold Shadow Never Idle Records Couvre x Chefs
Ravver Cold Shadow Never Idle Records Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Ravver – Outer Heaven (Never Idle Records)

Between video game OSTs from the 90s and memories of London nights, Ravver immerses us in his broken grime universe for his upcoming EP on Never Idle Records

A few months after a notable first release, the Never Idle Records label announces a second delivery: an EP from its founder and manager, Ravver.

Entitled Cold Shadow, this is a 2 track – short, but full of energy – with grime and breaks accents. Strong club potential, but not only that, because the diptych also has a semi-autobiographical dimension for its author. Indeed, for this release, Ravver drew his inspiration from the memories of nights spent in his hometown, London, coupled with those of video game soundtracks from the 90s: Metal Gear Solid, The Bouncer and Extreme G in the lead. Young Ravver’s attraction to PS1, PS2 and N64 OSTs pushed him at the time to import them directly from Asia, he tells us in the Cold Shadow press release. The EP will be accompanied by a series of limited prints available on Bandcamp.

Ahead of the release, the producer gave us the track “Outer Heaven”, listen to it now right here. An instrumental grime banger with ingenious samples (the famous telephone ring) and crystalline melodic layers, the track takes us on a nocturnal trip into the world of Ravver.

This release follows U Don’t Kno Me, Gohda’s excellent EP between rnb, club, drill and grime, a track of which we revealed to you here.

After growing up in London and then Brighton, Ravver is now based in the USA (Dallas) where he has opened for Skream, Golden Feature and Hamdi. His musical universe combines grime, jungle and breaks influences, and his influences range from labels like Circadian Rhythms or Coyote Records to artists like Burial and Dark0.

Ravver’s Cold Shadow is out November 15th on Never Idle Records, follow the label on Bandcamp.