PREMIERE: Noizy Wilson – Future Club Outro

Taken from his latest compilation of lost tracks, Noizy Wilson gives us a track at the crossroads of Future Garage and Techno tinged with old-school Metalcore influences

Behind the hyperactive and always relevant Nü Kvlture label, there is Noizy Wilson, a dedicated label manager, DJ and producer of unstoppable club tracks. In the wake of the latest Nü Kvlture IV compilation released at the beginning of the year and of which we presented an extract shortly before, and after a series of collaborative split EPs – Allied Assault – the boss of the Belgrade-based label took the time to bring together a collection of unreleased tracks of his own and to make a small compilation.

Made up of 11 tracks, this new delivery of “lost projects” (not so lost!) is called Forsaken Projects and has been available only on Bandcamp for a few days. The album is made up of original productions, VIPs and other bootlegs composed between 2020 and 2023. Oscillating between Jungle, Techno, Trance, UK Garage and Club Music, the tracks deserved a proper release, and here it is.

Our exclusive SoundCloud extract is the track “Future Club Outro”, listen to it right here. Originally thought for the Nü Kvlture IV compilation, the title was ultimately not selected for the final tracklisting. “I always wanted to combine Future Garage atmosphere with strong Techno kicks… this is the result”, the author of the song described to us. Noizy Wilson also pays homage to the old-school Metalcore and progressive Hardcore scenes which, influenced by Post-Rock, occasionally alternate aggressive breaks and nostalgic melodic interludes. At the crossroads of yet extremely varied influences, “Future Club Outro” is a title that works impeccably well!

Noizy Wilson’s Forsaken Projects is out now on Bandcamp.