Respecte ça – Artik [EP + Music video]

We weren’t finished yet with interpreting the punchlines from SST #2 (our review here), that our friend Artik‘s already back with a new stuff !

This time, Artik shows up a rich EP, featuring diverse remixes of his track Respecte Ça, extract from SST #2. So, actually, no new punchlines from Artik, but some new productions from a ton of friends, and an opportunity to rediscover the track and all its original interpretation possibilities.

Since we discovered him with SST #1, Artik has been for us one of the best current punchliners, and the way he masters the flow (constantly, yeah really, constantly renewed) may put him fast in the position of one of the most observed MC.

This guy has recently shift to the dark label Noircity, but also works on the friendly The Coolege. Therefore well surrounded, Artik got on his EP more influent guests from the rap game than other MCs would have in their entire career, and a such entertainment is quite enjoyable (a particular shout-out to the Coolege and Noircity remixes) !

Here’s the link to get the EP, it’s free so we hope you’ll pass the word as usual. We honestly feel bad not giving money for such a qualitative work.

Our favs :

  • Dasunn’s remix and his unstoppable groove.
The west coast remix from Didaï, you get to push it out loud in a lowrider. You took it as a reference to the universe of another MC, Driver l’Architecte, on some of his projects.

We spend our time between Rennes, Paris and Nancy. Special #TAHAW to Gide.