couvre x chefs rinse france shiroi kitsune blaise deville
couvre x chefs rinse france shiroi kitsune blaise deville

Rinse France w/ Blaise Deville & Shiroi Kitsune

rinse france blaise deville shiroi kitsune couvre x chefs

For our last Rinse France show in 2018, we had two guests:

Blaise Deville

Born and raised in Switzerland, Blaise Deville first started manipulating two turntables to the sound of hip hop, funk and reggae as part of a local party collective in the late 90s. He also participated in the experimental show Bug Talk Zoo on the Internet radio The show broadcasted a combination of quirky beats, spoken words and musique concrete.

In the mid-’00s, Blaise Deville moved to Shanghai and joined Uprooted Sunshine, one of the few dub, reggae & dancehall crews in China. Former resident DJ at one of Asia’s most revered clubs, The Shelter, and co-founder of the Sub-Culture events which would later spawn the record label SVBKVLT, Blaise Deville helped introduce groundbreaking electronic music to local audiences.

From dub to techno, from hip hop to house, Blaise Deville is known for his skills and versatile mixes. He has acquired the reputation of blending various musical genres without making any compromise about his musical tastes and always staying relevant through his selections. Nowadays, his unique take on grime, footwork, gqom and diverse post club experimentations can be heard through his monthly radio show Construct.

Shiroi Kitsune

Shiroi Kitsune is an artistic project in the form of an avatar assuming that everything related to it may or may not be real. Shiroi Kitsune’s identity remains secret.

In one year, he received the support of artists such as Kelman Duran, DJ Na (Nguzunguzu), Paul Marmota, Mina (Enchufada) and King Doudou. He is currently working on “TRAICION”, his first 5-track EP on which there is a collaboration with Ynfynyt Scroll.

In 2018, Shiroi Kitsune was the relay for the NEOPERREO collective in Spain, producing the crew evening in Barcelona (Razzmatazz) and Madrid (Cha Cha The Club), as well as being responsible for organizing the last European tour of Chilean artist Tomasa del Real.


Blaise Deville

Howie Lee – Jie Ri De Huan Le
Citizen Boy – Gqom Fever
Callosum & Wild Kid – Back
Demdike Stare – Pile Up
Mumdance & Logos – Teachers
Cobrah – IDFKA
Byrell The Great – Wild FTN
Scratchclart – Square Off
33EMYBW – Golem (Zutzut Remix)
DJ Lag – Daisies
Jay R Neutron – This Is America (Vogue Club Remix)
Know V.A. – Citizens
MR Zoi e MC Kitinho – Mandelão ou Megatron
Russ – The Flute Song (BJF Edit)
Swisha – GTB Riddim
Moleskin & Neana – Spectral Dancehall
Lechuga Zafiro – Agua y Puerta
Nazar – Warning Shots
GRRL x Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Clown Nightclub
Imaabs – Serial
Exploited Body – Brace Position
Hornsey Hardcore – The Wiz
Kelvin T – Dropbar
Omaar – Megabyte
Arctic – Shook (MJK Ice Rink Remix)
Prettybwoy / Cuxrixous – Oculoagravic
Desto – Surface Tension
Meuko! Meuko! – The Temple
Koala – Diamonds Bootleg

Shiroi Kitsune

Hector El Father – Vamos A Matarnos En La Raya
Daddy Yankee – Perros Salvajes
Shiroi Kitsune – Loca
Chico Sonido – Gangsta Zone vs Mueve El Toto
Don Omar x DJ Florentino – Noche de Sexo (No Boy edit)
Merca Bae – Egoísta Riddim
Shiroi Kitsune – Unborn Riddim
Rosella – Ella Ft. C.Z. & Paul Marmota
Shiroi Kitsune – Sueño
Dinamarca – Plug Walk
Dj Playero – Baby Yankee (Uproot Andy & Riobamba remix)
La Mafia del Amor – Ayo (Latino remix)
Tito El Bambino – Caile (Shiroi Kitsune ‘Yeyo’ remix)
Aya Namura – Pookie (King Doudou club mix)
Gime Me Sum (SVANI bootleg)
Rainey – Chupa (Habiboi x Bassbear remix)
Brenmar & Wristboi – No Brakes
Mr Sisco – So It Seems (Architect On The Drums)
ETM – Gun 20_Bad Gyal x DJ Florentino – Blink (Fearz bootleg)
JLZ x Lycox – Uh Uh Balançao
Korn x J Alvarez – Falling Hataz (Deltatron bootleg)
A$AP Rocky – Praise The Lord (Mina & Tarquin booty)
Ynfynyt Scroll – Ponteme
Lotic – Phlegm (ZutZut goloso edit)
Mc Buseta Ft. Kaydy Cain – Novinha (Prod King Doudou)
Pedro – Chibaria
Deevee – Gamma (Foba remix)
La Zowi x Zora Jones – Obra de Arte (Shiroi Kitsune ‘Inferno bootleg’)
Mc Kitinho e Mc 7 Belo – NGDP M.R. (Nahshi Edit)
El Plvybxy – Febre
Lyzza – Been That Bitch
Defensa – Onnagata
Trigganom – Hot Like The Equator (Prod. Famous Eno)
45 Diboss x DJ NA – Hot Pepa
Mina – Allo (Ft. Gafacci & Omo Frenchie)
Bad Gyal x King Doudou – Fiebre (Shiroi Kitsune ‘Jamaican Flu’ remix)
Anuel AA – Nacimos Pa Morir Ft. Jory Boy

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