Sanjonas Incunabula Heroes POSTWORLD Couvre x Chefs
Sanjonas Incunabula Heroes POSTWORLD Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Sanjonas – Jalesveva’s Insignia (POSTWORLD)

Indonesian producer Sanjonas explores post-apocalyptic worlds in his speculative and fictional debut album on POSTWORLD

Sanjonas is an artist, graphic designer, producer, and DJ based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is co-founder of Bast Cultura and RAR Editions, an interdisciplinary collective that investigates knowledge dissemination and communication possibilities. Yonaz Kristy (real name) is also part of the SOFT/BRUTE label and recently launched Ear Flux Records with Brrrz Studio, two projects you may have come across on CxC.

After the EPs BOTE on SOFT/BRUT (Indonesia, 2021) and Kanon on FunctionLab (China, 2020), the producer announces his first solo full-length: Incunabula Heroes, to be released by POSTWORLD. Constructed as speculative fiction, the album envisages the creation of new worlds following a revelatory apocalypse. Over the course of 8 tracks, Sanjonas explores how cultures and civilizations would be blended and assembled in such a scenario.

Before the release of the album next week, POSTWORLD entrusted us with the broadcast of the track “Jalesveva’s Insignia”, which you can listen to today in our columns. Over nearly 4 minutes, the track explores the meeting between syncopated rhythms and devastating kicks for a completely new sound result, sprinkled with reminiscences of ballroom sounds, amen breaks, and other sirens.

Pre-order Incunabula Heroes by Sanjonas on Bandcamp, official release on 17 May on POSTWORLD.