Guenter Råler - as light through water COVER small
Guenter Råler - as light through water COVER small

PREMIERE: Guenter Råler – Extended Vulnerability (76666)

Guenter Råler’s complex, layered, and emotional soundscape on their forthcoming EP on 76666

Guenter Råler is an Italian producer, DJ sound designer, and visual artist based in the Netherlands. They have made a solid name for themselves in the European experimental electronic scene with releases on Dekmantel, 76666, and Antistandard Recs. On the stage and in the mix, Råler have presented their sadcore at HÖR radio, Le Guess Who?, and Garage Noord, among others, alongside artists such as Clara!, Object Blue, and Torus.

After participating in one of their compilations in 2020, Guenter Råler will release their new EP on the German label 76666. Entitled as light through water, the project marks an evolution in the Italian’s sonic identity. Musically, pitchy trance keyboards and raw kicks meet to create dreamy atmospheres and other airy textures.

Depicted as an exploration of feelings and self-discovery, the EP results in a complex, layered, and textured sound world full of emotions and feelings. By alternating deep sounds and softer melodies, the project’s tracks add up to elements of surprise, and the extract released today in our columns, “Extended Vulnerability”, is a perfect illustration.

The title of the EP recalls the phenomenon of refraction when light deviates its path and speed when passing from one medium to another. In this release, Guenter Råler use this phenomenon to suggest, not illusion, but imagination and a different experience of things. The artist also refer to their fascination with reverberation and sound processing in their musical practice. Like an object changing shape when it comes into contact with a different material, Råler adopt a position of openness and vulnerability to their environment.

Pre-order as light through water by Guenter Råler on Bandcamp, official release on 19 May via 76666.