sans cible mama couvre x chefs m-o-r-s-e
sans cible mama couvre x chefs m-o-r-s-e

PREMIERE: SANS CIBLE – “Mama” (prod. M-O-R-S-E)

When we see a M-O-R-S-E prod roll out, in general, it’s a bit like with King Doudou, at CxC writing, we tend to listen because we are rarely disappointed. There, it was downright M-O-R-S-E who pointed out to us that he had worked for a young Grenoble resident: SANS CIBLE, suddenly we listened well and we started to wonder what is going on in Grenoble. What is this city that has been producing a kind of bizarre pop hip-hop RnB for over ten years now, and RnB must be said quickly.

Grenoble for some it is the 90s and 2000s, squats, cinema and experimental music with Métamkine and 102. Suffice to say just by quoting these two mythical names, a whole idea of ​​the French counterculture that we have seen “breaking” in all the most advanced places in France and Navarre.

But Grenoble is also a land of romantic sensitivity applied to pop music, apparently. The sensitive and romantic pop music of the bowl in the middle of the montages. We all remember the weirdest romantic Koudlam Grenoblois who do not know if he will make an album one day between two hikes in TN. But it is also, of course, M-O-R-S-E who deconstructs genres over these albums, and more recently boys like Thanas who give rap a touch of emotion and emotion that is really super touching, nifty and beautiful.

sans cible mama couvre x chefs m-o-r-s-e
SANS CIBLE – Mama (artwork)

So there when we come across a Grenoble who is called SANS CIBLE we say that there is necessarily something. And there is something, not only with the city, not only with the soul of the mountains, yeah there must be something special in Grenoble that pushes to display a certain form of somewhat disillusioned grey romanticism.

SANS CIBLE, therefore, released a first track, Mama, a moving RnB anthem, or mixed with the prod of M-O-R-S-E, a declaration of love for maternal love. An introspective and precious statement that leaves no stone unturned, and which tells us that Grenoble undoubtedly still has a bright future ahead of it to inspire this grey romanticism that is unique to it.

Yes, that’s a bit, amateurs, the grey Grenoble romanticism, a practical and sensitive investigation to conduct.