“Things That I Do”, Teki Latex & Eero Johannes’ video.

The name of Pierre Thyss will not be unknown for our loyal readers! In fact, we have already talked about his work for Baron Rétif & Concepción Pérez, or King Knut (both released on Musique Large). This time, it is on Sound Pellegrino that the father of Baldouine (read the hilarious cartoon here) hits! The humor of the young graphic artist illustrates beautifully the hymn to love Teki Latex set to music by the Finnish producer Eero Johannes.

This track is taken from the excellent and recent compilation of the Sound Pellegrino : Sound Pellegrino Presents SND.PE, Vol. 2: Crossover Series. The aim of the compilation is to present new titles in which two artists from different worlds and countries are united by Sound Pellegrino. Alongside Teki and Johannes we can found eg Joakim and Bambounou, Feadz and Orgamisc … We urge you to check it out!

Translator: Ryan Lavoine