RAVL Tim Karbon Nü Kvlture Couvre x Chefs
RAVL Tim Karbon Nü Kvlture Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: RAVL – I’m High On Life And By Life I Mean Drugs (Tim Karbon Remix) (Nü Kvlture)

Tim Karbon remixes RAVL’s futuristic jungle on Nü Kvlture and the result lives up to our expectations: a frenzy of percussive patterns oscillating between IDM and juke

To celebrate Music Day, Belgrade-based label Nü Kvlture is planning to release the second installment of its Allied Assault series. As presented on Allied Assault I a few weeks ago, the aim is to bring together the styles of two club producers on a split EP, each featuring one track. On the first release, Nü Kvlture boss Noizy Wilson, in collaboration with Baj:NO, responded to SlowRolla.

Allied Assault II features one track by Lyon-based RAVL, a second by Noizy Wilson himself, and a remix by CxC affiliate Tim Karbon, fresh back from Nuits Sonores. Following on from the futuristic jungle of RAVL and the trance/techno hybrid of Noisy Wilson, the Montreuil-based percussion surgeon delivers a veritable missile that we’re unveiling today in our columns. Oscillating between IDM and juke, “I’m High On Life And By Life I Mean Drugs (Tim Karbon Remix)” presents an impressive catalogue of percussive patterns meticulously assembled together. The frenetic track leaves absolutely no respite for over five minutes, and just as well, we expected nothing less from the encounter between RAVL and Tim Karbon on Nü Kvlture.

The Serbian label’s ambition is to push back the boundaries of electronic music by showing as many facets of it as possible and listening to these 3 tracks, we can safely say that its mission is accomplished. Finally, the artwork, designed by Noizy Wilson, was created using Processing, a new artistic tool that allows computer programming to be translated visually.

Pre-order Allied Assault II on Bandcamp, out on 21 June on Nü Kvlture.