Allied Assault I SlowRolla Couvre x Chefs
Allied Assault I SlowRolla Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: SlowRolla – Polarity (Nü Kvlture)

Serbian label Nü Kvlture inaugurates its new SPLIT EPs series with a club music hybrid missile from American producer SlowRolla

For its third release of the year, the Belgrade-based club music label Nü Kvlture innovates with the launch of a new format.

Entitled SPLIT EPs, this new series will feature face-to-face meetings between Noizy Wilson (founder and boss of Nü Kvlture) and regular collaborators of the label, with the ambition to highlight the latest hybrid club tracks from the SoundCloud / Bandcamp galaxy. The first delivery is entitled Allied Assault I, and consists of two tracks: “Mobile Telephone”, signed by Noizy Wilson feat. Baj:NO, and “Polarity”, a solo track by SlowRolla, which we’re unveiling today in our columns.

SlowRolla is an American producer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His releases have already been featured on Nü Kvlture’s compilation VOL. 2 and VOL. 3, but also on BnH Records (Australia) and Drama Records (USA). He is a host on Pirate Radio 96.7 FM, “the only underground dance music radio station in New Mexico, where [SlowRolla] showcases his love for fast and powerful music”, said Alexander aka Noizy Wilson, the boss of Nü Kvlture.

The genesis of this release goes back to two years ago when Alexander came across a demo of “Polarity” posted by the American producer on a Facebook group. He contacted him and that’s how a collaboration between the two electronic composers began, resulting in a joint track on Noizy Wilson’s Pathfinder EP in 2022. The track “Polarity”, a powerful hybrid banger with an unstoppable progression, as you can hear on listening, then inspired the CEO of Nü Kvlture to write “Mobile Telephone”. It was therefore logical to release these two tracks together, the perfect pretext to inaugurate Nü Kvulture’s new SPLIT EPs series.

Allied Assault I will be released on April 4th, follow Nü Kvlture on Bandcamp.