re-sources club hexagon II tommy kid mangrove
re-sources club hexagon II tommy kid mangrove

PREMIERE: Tommy Kid – Mangrove [[re]sources]

For three years, [re]sources has been the leader of a new French hybrid electronic music. Releases after releases, the label founded by Thomas Ferraré aka Tommy Kid and Antoine Buffard aka Calcium is building a timeless catalog, reflecting the French vision of an underground movement that knows no bound.

As a reaction regarding the supremacy of certain genres which are trapped by standardization, we can’t deny that since 2010, several electronic labels have successfully found in their musical roots something new to offer in order to achieve a necessary hybridization of electronic music.

[re]sources presents: Club Hexagon II

A year after the first opus, [re]sources is releasing Club Hexagon II and gives us a 12 track idea of the love of experimentation from French underground. With obvious British and Afrobeat influences, producers from Club Hexagon II reappropriate the grime, UK funky and coupé/décalé vibes which remind us of afrotrap or bérite club music as Teki Latex defined it, in order to give us their vision of French electronic music. As for the artists involved in this compilation, we can find adepts of the label like Dehousy, Lil Crack or Tommy Kid; newcomers like the powerful Ytem, or veterans like Lazy Flow (shout out to those who are here since El Konquistador).

Exclusive Stream: Mangrove by label’s boss Tommy Kid.

CxC has the honor to give you the exclusive new track Mangrove by Tommy Kid, boss of the Parisian label. The genre-less track represents perfectly the boundless hybridizations that take place in Club Hexagon II: made to be danced to, slow-motion bassline, reworked afrotrap beat, UK funky or tribal house 2.0… Mangrove brings us back to the days of Hard House Banton and has everything it needs to become a timeless banger.

The full release of Club Hexagon II will be available on November 10th.

re-sources club hexagon II tommy kid mangrove

English translation by Manouel Sanchez.

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