WulffluW XCIV couvre x chefs
WulffluW XCIV couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: WulffluW XCIV – Cachaos Ft. Santa Muerte

WulffluW XCIV couvre x chefsWulffluW XCIV, source Instagram


“I’m from Russia, with no audience.”

WulffluW XCIV introduces himself as a Russian producer “without audience”. We will also add “prolific” and “gifted with a great artistic sensitivity”. The composer explores multiple variations of an emotional electronic music through and thanks to the internet. WulffluW XCIV’s work takes as much from a certain sensitivity as from the beauty of industrial sounds. Mixing one extreme to another, WulffluW XCIV seems to find a merging point of those opposite and express it through his music.

Interested in Latin America’s sonic diaspora, WulffluW XCIV points out through his work his interest in what is one of the most “avant-garde” scenes. His new EP “LA 13” on Argentinian label AGVA won’t tell otherwise.


WULFFLUW XCIV Cachaos Santa Muerte couvre x chefs 1200Artwork of  “We Are All From The Earth”, designed by Sonya Korotaeva x Sasha Manik


“We Are All From The Earth”, WulffluW XCIV’ LP

WulffluW XCIV is on the verge of releasing his first EP “We Are All From The Earth”. The LP includes collaboration with producers from all around the world (Russia, Slovakia, Portugal, UK, USA, Japan). “I love contemporary sounds, I’m very grateful to the music and people involved in this movement. It’s what I cherish the most. Being in contact with people from all around the world with different cultures who shares the same tastes and the same value for life. It is one of Internet’s most precious gift”.

Following that Idea, WulffluW XCIV had the idea to create an album called “We Are All From The Earth” which gathers producer from all around the world. It is not by chance that it is released on April 22nd, the “day of Earth”.

“We Are All From The Earth”‘s tracklist is stunning, and it’s not hard to guess that collaboration with Rafa Maya, AN System, Yoshitaka Hikawa, WRACK or Blastah will be the club bangers of tomorrow.

For now yu can already stream the track “Cachaos”, CxC’s exclusive, produced with Houston homies Santa Muerte.


“Cachaos”, WulffluW XCIV feat Santa Muerte

This is what WulffluW XCIV told us about the title: “cach, spells like КАЧ in Russian, means flex, [like something danceable] and the ending of the word is just a reference to Spain language.”… by the way, Cachao is also Israel López Valdés’ nickname, who is a bass player and composer from Cuba, who invented… Mambo.

Exclusive stream of Cachaos from WulffluW XCIV feat Santa Muerte just below, before the whole release of “We Are All From The Earth”  lout on April 22nd.


Transaltion by Manouel Sanchez.

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