Yraki Early Reflex Couvre x Chefs
Yraki Early Reflex Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Yraki – Surge (Early Reflex)

Italian producer Yraki takes a powerful post-club turn tinged with introspection and anticipation

For its 17th release, the Early Reflex label has announced an abrasive, introspective 3-track post-club EP from London-based Italian producer Yraki.

Percolate stands out from Yraki’s previous releases with its distinctly more club-ready and dancefloor-oriented feel. “What does it mean to live at the nexus of the technological and the natural, how might we as humans begin to absorb the digital within our own emotional landscapes, and what types of sonic logic should we deploy to explore the embodied experience of this?” asks Yraki in the press release accompanying the EP. By moving away from melodic lines and building on abrasive post-club structures oscillating between synthetic and natural, Percolate tends to express, for its author, the complex dualities of the “(post)human” condition.

Our pre-release extract from the EP is the track ‘Surge’, available to listen to now. Percolate‘s final track opens with mysterious atmospheric pads before revealing impressive percussion work and heartfelt dubstep drops.

Pre-order Percolate by Yraki on Bandcamp, out on 19 April via Early Reflex.