Lukrø Matraca La Machine Couvre x Chefs 04

Lukrø fête les 10 ans contre vent et marée de son label Matraca

Lukrø est un DJ et producteur péruvien. Il est le cofondateur du label Matraca qu’il gère depuis Mexico depuis quelques temps maintenant. Cette année, le label fête ses dix ans en grande pompe : après une soirée de lancement à Lima, c’est une tournée européenne que Lukrø a organisé. Entre dates solo et autres événements labellisés 100% Matraca, le producteur parcourt actuellement les meilleurs clubs du continent. Il fera d’ailleurs escale à Paris pour la première fois ce vendredi 14 juillet à la prestigieuse Machine du Moulin Rouge où il a convié CxC à collaborer à la construction d’un plateau explosif. La soirée aura lieu dans le cadre de Global System, la saison d’été du club du 18e arrondissement, et voici le line-up : Mina, Tatyana Jane, Lukrø himself, Vitu Valera b2b Philou CxC. N’oubliez pas de prendre vos tickets sur Dice ou Resident Advisor.

Avant de se retrouver pour la fête, nous avons profité de l’occasion pour poser quelques questions à Lukrø et revenir sur une décennie de club music décentralisée.

Global System Couvre x Chefs Matraca La Machine
Global System x Couvre x Chefs & Matraca

Matraca was born 10 years ago, how did this happen, and in what context?

We were (w/Molto & Bene (Dr.100 and Mijail Mitrovic), Mono con Suerte, and Pangolin Soundsystem) all at a close friend’s b-day party on the beach playing our shit that evening and having fun. The next day we were together sharing some thoughts and moments from the party and we agreed to talk together for future collaboration in a new label concept that embraces all the music that we felt had no space in Lima at that time. Labels Collectives like Terror Negro Records, CASA IDA, or Colectivo Auxiliar were making some noise at that time also and helped us as inspiration to build our own sound and movement. Also remember the influence of Soulection, Dublab, Teklife, Hyperdub, or Warp Records.

What do you think has changed most in the music scene in Peru – or more generally in Latin America – over the last ten years?

I feel a lot of new shit going on now, I respect and celebrate new labels like Sacrilejio or Club Sp33d, new parties like Lima Dub Club, Ritmica Paraiso, Polvo Club, LOUD, or streamings like La Rara or Común Radio and I found also more sound systems around, and the most important emergent Peruvian producers like Parzubanil, Zpectrum or CarlyCore getting worldwide. And all of this against all odds, minimum support, and in very fucking hard conditions to work.

What genres of music does the label produce and what are its highlights?

We have always worked and proposed a wide diversity of genres. We begin 2013 with Reggae Dub, Abstract Hip Hop, and Future Funk… and after that first period, we move also into Trap, Bass, Baile Funk, and Juke/Footwork. And also House, Dembow, Reggaeton, Club, Jersey Club, Bass, Cumbia, and Andean Electronic Music, among other hybrids.

I think one important contribution was to the Juke/Footwork culture we release in 2017, Lima Footwork (the only Peruvian compilation of the genre), and also the release of a lot of artists from Chicago like DJ Jalen or DJ Chi-C, Florida/Denver like Banzulu and several related artist producers from all Latin America. The compilation was broadcast on Radio Filarmonica (FM in Peru) and also we have previously released the first original cuts of Peruvian footwork from Qechuaboi Greenworks EP (2016).

Another important contribution to the musical development of the Region was Nueva Ola PE-MX linking up both scenes (Peruvian and Mexican) and the joint release with MakinMovs from Chile T.W.G. Vol.1. with artists from New Jersey to Santiago de Chile. And more focused on the local scene was huge the work for FeminX+(only femmes and dissidents electronic music compilation ever in Peru), and Ukhu, a precious bass andean compilation with Eck Echo and Irazema curatorial co-work, showcased in PUNO city (ancient Andean Aymara and Qechua City) with MalaFama, Irazema, Alanoqa, and me. The compilation La Cura with Kriolla during pandemics was a very good album and had nice reception and even get to the papers.

What are the label’s current or next projects?

We have so many good albums in our hands right now it’s crazy, our first upcoming release is Lukrø feat Baja Frequencia – Baile & Rave EP. We got next Vitu Valera’s first full-length album called Migrx with special collaborations with big names like Mikongo (legendary Miki Gonzales), Carla Valenti, Opocu, Paulopulus, and myself among others. We are very excited also for Hanuna feat Dj Diaki – Balandean EP Andean African team up! and trying to finish details for Venezuelan bass master OctubrxLibrv with his Cruces EP. We are also working on a couple of compilations we will soon announce.

Pre-order Baile & Rave EP de Lukrø x Baja Frequencia sur Bandcamp.

How did you start your own project, Lukrø, and what are you most proud of having achieved?

I started selecting (and eventually DJing) for warm-up, or after-show sets for Matraca events. Eventually, the music took my life 100% and also my urge to express is new musical ways, kinda that’s also my history as Lukrø. I did my first tour in 2018 in Mexico, then was the Radio Nopal residency (at the end of 2018) in Mexico City and I couldn’t ever leave that place. It just really trapped me, the folklore and music culture, there is really something with so much drive it’s always inspiring. I’ve been playing music and working in more than 35 cities around the world, this is my third European Tour and it’s always new countries and audiences and experiences and learnings. I’m really proud that people worldwide recognize my work and appreciate my style and groove beyond musical genres. The feeling of knowing that tons of people play and hear your music around the world is always something priceless. I am also proud to be able to inspire other people and artists.

What has changed for you since you moved to Mexico?

The experience of touring and working all around the world changed everything and also gives me confidence in my process and embracing my vision. My perspective of industry, institutions, and sound work in general as a professional in this area was a big change also. My learning about production, mixing, and music theory. Also what I thought about the music scene in Peru and Mexico changed a lot, and the opportunity to keep touring and linking up in Mexico City and the world with artists, promoters, producers, etc. it’s been crazy.

You’ve just released a few bangers with Cardozo on Hypersonics, what else have you got or are you working on?

Thanks, I’m very happy with the very good reception of Chiki EP with Cardozo, for the past two weeks I have like everyday tags in mixes and shows worldwide. I’m about to get my first collab with another French project called Baja Frequencia. It’s been a lot of work behind I also did the mixing and now making the release happen with Matraca. I also going to announce soon another EP with Swizz label Hawai Bonsai that is also very special and more intimate musically for me where I keep exploring Baile Funk but also move more into Afro-Peruvian music in my own approach.

Lukrø Matraca La Machine Couvre x Chefs 02
Lukrø © Yousef Ruiz

You’ve already done a number of European tours, what are your best memories?

Eating causa limeña in Loreto streets of Milano with Peruvian Italian family and friends we met there, after the party at the park Lambro taken over from Salvajismo, was a good one. Also always will remember my debut in Europe in Brussels with a packed big underground venue (old social labor institution center) with the Rebel Up crew blasting dembow and Latin club. Good memories also in the streets of Barcelona smoking weed with Cesrv or Vitu Valera or Jankely, playing all nite NYE 2019 or Razzmatazz wild sets, special saudades from our last party their 10 years anniversary of Matraca was a dream come true also (and crazy and intimate celebration of my bday some days after with my lifetime friends). Love the peace of Lecco or Faenza in Italy. The night in Genova last year with Bony Fly and Daferwa was a blast too. Producing La Maldita track with Qechuaboi in Madrid and the next day randomly playing some cumbia and perreo in Bilbao. I also love to walk around this last time walked all of Lisbon from the LUX to my homies’ place near Picoas without battery in my phone. I Love Lisboa’s special night also in Musicbox playing all nite b2b with Vitu Valera.

Finally, what do you expect from Friday night at La Machine?

I’m very hype to make my debut in Paris in one of the best European clubs, also with you – long-time Matraca collaborator, Philou CxC, co-founder of CxC – the amazing international and heavy bass club producers Mina (UK) and Tatyana Jane (FR-CM) and also along with Vitu Valera (PE) from Matraca crew – be ready for his first full-length album!

I’m really thankful to La Machine team and especially to Anais and you for the support to be making the Matraca 10 years celebration in Paris at the close of our first European tour as a crew.

Global System x Couvre x Chefs & Matraca c’est vendredi 14 juillet à La Machine du Moulin Rouge à Paris. Prenez vos tickets sur Dice ou Resident Advisor.