4am kru jungle couvre x chefs
4am kru jungle couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: 4am Kru – What Is Jungle? (ft. Phoebe White)

What Is Jungle? The answer with 4am Kru’s new single: culture, noise, and the ultimate UK sound

Damn, 4am Kru is back at it again with the original jungle sound. What a year for the boys, lots of great releases and their first vinyl record this month (Good Time EP still available on Bandcamp). Howie and Stu offer us another production of the first choice with “What Is Jungle?”. A very percussive track with London singer Phoebe White.

I don’t want to repeat myself but they really take me back to days I don’t even know (I’m 24). What Is Jungle? This title is the perfect answer. It’s cultural, it’s noisy and it’s the UK sound we love. Thanks to Phoebe White’s sweet voice, it’s also a melancholic and warm track to listen to by the fireplace… no seriously, it’s a dance floor stomper and her voice fits perfectly with the instrumental.

Another beautiful production that makes us want to dance all night. And speaking of dancing the night away, we (CxC) would love to hear and see a DJ set from them. Anyway, junglist or not, don’t fall asleep on 4am Kru’s latest masterpiece.

“What Is Jungle” by 4am Kru is out on Bandcamp and on all platforms.