Winebathory DJ Bituca Unizone Couvre x Chefs
Winebathory DJ Bituca Unizone Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Winebathory – Edge of the Pit ft. DJ Bituca (Unizone)

Winebathory announces his debut album with a cathartic single with ambient-dance, hyperpop and hybrid club music flavours

Brazilian producer and singer Winebathory will release his debut album Evergreen on the Czech label Unizone.

Blending trance, techno and “ambient-dance” influences, the release is presented as a metaphor for a celestial realm where the nostalgia of the work takes over. A sort of digital storm 2.0 in which the elements are harmoniously orchestrated.

Ahead of the release, the label has released the single ‘Edge of the Pit’, featuring DJ Bituca. A cathartic piece if ever there was one, this first extract from the album plunges us into the thoughts and dilemmas of the Brazilian artist: “A testimony that rages against the agony of being the holder of a truth that must be declared”, he says in the press release. On the production side, the SOPHIE-esque track skilfully combines deconstructed club sounds, technoid trap and hyperpop.

Lucas Cavallin – Winebathory – is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and painter born in 1996. Currently based in São Paulo, he is a founding member of 77silverline and Marrakesh, a Brazilian band signed to Balaclava Records. From an early age, Lucas has drawn on the world of fantasy to structure his emotions, such as love and hate. This knowledge of the ‘unreal’ has enabled him to materialise his feelings through music and painting.

Pre-order Evergreen by Winebathory on Bandcamp, out on 29 February via Unizone