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Antony No Limit revives Eurodance on Du Cœur Records

C’est pas la capitale, c’est Du Cœur Records bb

Something is definitely going on in Marseille, not that you are encouraged to gentrify the city like 50% of the parisian art scene this summer, but clearly, something is happening. You will tell me this is not completely new, of course, but there seems to be a definitive vitality there which does a lot of good to contemporary art, to music, to parties, and to almost everything that seems vital to us in these times of inevitable privations and negotiations with our desires and our anxieties.

Du Cœur Records is a label that we have already told you about and on which we find without a doubt one of the most talented and promising DJ of today’s French and European scene, TTristana (fka p6r6r6k), from which we encourage you to watch her set for the Le Bon Air festival. TTristana is also present on the EP we’re talking about for a rough and uncompromising remix that you really want to hear again on a real dancefloor.

The Marseille label, therefore, offers us a little bit of fresh air, and we know how important taking a breath has become lately. A kind of crazy Anthony No Limit EPas this project entitled Amour et Désespoir (Love and Despair) revisits the rave and Eurodance hits of the 90s / 00s , all sung in French.

We necessarily say to ourselves: “another EP that revisits Eurodance, great …”, it’s a little trivial the moment … and you couldn’t be more wrong, it works here very well and it does not make redundancy with this comeback of the 2000s genre all over the internet.

Singing in French undoubtedly adds a je ne sais quoi to this EP by Antony No Limit, alias Antoine Josset, artist and videographer. Three clips are being released with the EP, the one for the track “Les Yeux d’Antony” is already available :

Amour et Désespoir has something of this already almost forgotten feeling of celebration of the coming thirties and teenage years in the year 2000, this falsely naive moment when everyone pretended to believe that by changing the century we were going to change the paradigm and that technology would free us from capitalism and labor… Or on the contrary that everything was a simulation.

The result is that today, as we are almost re-confined throughout the french territory, we find ourselves in our adult bedrooms with this EP, and this desire to dance…

There is, without a doubt, something of an emo nostalgia in this project, but there is also something of a instant that always tries to write and define itself, of a celebration that remains to be found or re-invented.