B E N N Photon POSTWORLD Couvre x Chefs
B E N N Photon POSTWORLD Couvre x Chefs


Between UK bass continuum, percussive experimentations and other sharpened rhythms, B E N N signs a solid track on the first compilation of the label POSTWORLD

The apocalypse you’ve been hoping for.


The label POSTWOLRD’s bio directly announces the colour. In an era where everything has to be rethought, their first compilation entitled Nobody Owns The Future invites musical exploration as one might imagine it in 2022.

Landing in the musical spectrum of the United Kingdom dear to my heart, I wanted to discover the end-of-time version of big percussions and ambient layers of this project, and what was not my surprise when listening to the track of B E N N: “Photon”!

With inspirations full of breaks and a kick that reminds us of a Miami bass track back in the day, B E N N takes us into his techno warehouse world full of rumbling wobble bass and metal crashes that are still club-like.

A good club banger as it should be, a production that makes you feel good and the apocalypse looks better despite everything.

Pre-order the compilation Nobody Owns The Future on Bandcamp, official release via POSTWORLD on July 1st.