teklife on life 3 dj manny couvre x chefs
teklife on life 3 dj manny couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: DJ Manny – New Wave (Teklife)

Teklife announces the third volume of its ON LIFE compilations which highlights the diversity of the evolution of both footwork and the Chicago label’s roster

Legendary Chicago footwork label Teklife will release ON LIFE volume 3 on July 1st.

ON LIFE is a series of compilations dedicated to presenting Teklife’s roster in its widest spectrum. Real identity card of the label at a time T, the ON LIFE series embodies the different variations, reinterpretations, and evolutions of footwork, or Chicago juke, made by a number of artists under the Teklife banner. Thus, we find in the tracklisting the pioneers of both the movement and the label but also collaborators from all over the world : Traxman, DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, DJ Paypal, TASO, DJ Phil, DJ Tre, Boylan, DJ Lucky, Heavee, Sirr Tmo, DJ Jalen, Slick Shoota, A.Fruit, Regent Street, DBJ, DJ Taye, DJ Chap, Mel G, Tripletrain or Jana Rush. Twenty artists who redefine the codes of footwork and push the genre ever further.

Along the eighteen tracks of the compilation, we go from the most energetic to the smoothest energy, with so many micro sub-genres that embrace the diversity of footwork’s spirit. Our exclusive track before the release is the opening track, “New Wave” by DJ Manny. Listening now in our columns, the track reveals a Chicago juke all in tenderness, melodies and harmonies. We obviously find the traditional and characteristic rhythm of the genre, multiplying or dividing the BPM by two, and enhanced by a discreet amen break.

Pre-order ON LIFE volume 3 de Teklife on, official release on July 1st.