rougehotel balzacc30 B2TK couvre x chefs
rougehotel balzacc30 B2TK couvre x chefs

[PREMIERE] Balzacc30 & RougeHotel – Halo [Stranacorpus]

Just two weeks after RougeHotel‘s PostSyncMatriste EP, Stranacorpus aka the most prolific crew in Switzerland has already announced its next delivery.

This time it was a joint project between the unstoppable RougeHotel and the vocalist Balzacc30. Entitled B2TK, the album is scheduled for April 13.

Composed of 10 tracks, the digital disc is a superbly produced contemporary cloud rap gem. The characteristic spleen of the texts in the dreamlike lexical field of Balzacc30 sublimates the impeccable production of RougeHotel. On B2TK, the alchemy between the two artists is at its peak.

The graphic identity is obviously signed by Hornusstudio, the graphic studio affiliated to Stranacorpus whose 3D work we recently appreciated on the cover of the Trinity album by Laylow.

In order to wait before the release of the full album next week, Stranacorpus, which is editing the project, has entrusted us with the title Halo, which you can listen with the link below.

B2TK [SC012] by Balzacc30 & RougeHotel will be available on April 13 on all listening platforms.