dj fucci netter system couvre x chefs
dj fucci netter system couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: DJ Fucci – U_U (Netter System)

DJ Fucci’s dark layers filled with noisy club music reminiscences to be released on Netter System, Meltdown Lab‘s label

DJ Fucci is a producer and DJ based in Mexico City. His next EP is called Amuletos and will be released on Netter System, the label linked to the Meltdown Lab art platform.

A few months after the bluffing Tetzahuitl EP released on WVWV, the producer signs here four deep and introspective tracks. Between breaks, ghostly beats, and acid melodies, Fucci delivers his resolutely experimental and unpredictable vision of club music. Going from ambient to gabber beats, while using a house bass and acid harmonics, all within the same track, of course, the producer from Mexico City takes us where he wants, and we follow him without any hesitation.

Before the release of the whole EP, Netter System entrusted us with the track U_U, which can be heard today in our columns. Along this track full of contrasts, Fucci plays and mix ambiances, juggling between joy and sadness. A slow, shadowy synth keyboard sets the tone, while various noises erupt sparingly throughout the track. For this EP, the author rightly told us that he was inspired by lo-fi sounds and noise recordings.

Meltdown Lab is a virtual space that brings together designers, visual artists, producers, and creative spirits from diverse backgrounds. Together they experiment with concepts, images, or resources from post-modern culture and recontextualize them, creating a new aesthetic at the crossroads of art and technology.

The collective materializes ideas by conceiving clothes, design, art or music, through Netter System, their label branch which is now releasing DJ Fucci’s new EP.

Pre-order DJ Fucci’s Amuletos EP on Meltdown Lab’s website, official release on August 23rd on Netter System.