DJ Pacifier Xenarthra new Couvre x Chefs
DJ Pacifier Xenarthra new Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: DJ Pacifier – Xenarthra

Between happy hardcore, hyperpop, and breakcore, the unstoppable plushy-core bangers of DJ Pacifier’s next EP

DJ Pacifier is a Montreal-based artist known for their solid hardcore and breakcore sounds. With recent mixes for Fact Mag and Boiler Room Hard Dance, released between a European tour (2022) and a US tour (with Ani Klang, 2023), their profile is skyrocketing.

After releases on Club Cringe (US), GutterRing (UK), Failed Units (DE), and Ultravirus (AUS), DJ Pacifier is about to announce their next release: Planet Pacifier. Described as plushy-core bangers, the five tracks of the release oscillate between happy hardcore, hyperpop, and breakcore. The EP will be released in July, but each track will be released separately with a special campaign: being directly inspired by one of the producer’s stuffed animals – Bunny, Bunky the Monkey, Sloth, Dino, and Octopus – each track will have its own artwork, video, and TikTok campaign featuring the said companion.

DJ Pacifier merch

Ahead of the release, DJ Pacifier gave us a sneak peek of the track “Xenarthra”, which can be heard today on CxC. The ultra-energetic club hardcore track features Sloth, the Canadian’s sloth plushie. Those in the know won’t want to miss the Boiler Snuggle Room video in which Sloth wears kandi bracelets. Inspired by the kandi ravers, this is exclusive merchandise designed by DJ Pacifier that they will distribute during their gigs around the release of their EP. A must-have!

Artwork by s1m0nc3ll0. Mastered by Dominic Clare at Declared Sound.

Download the single Xenarthra here and pre-order the EP Planet Pacifier here, official release on 25 July.