DJ Relax Audio Bambino Couvre x Chefs
DJ Relax Audio Bambino Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: DJ Relax – Gazing 4 Real (Audio Bambino)

The ethereal club music of the enigmatic producer DJ Relax will land on the Montreal label Audio Bambino

Since launching in 2020, Montreal-based label and collective Audio Bambino has been relentlessly busy discovering and synthesizing the exciting possibilities offered by the underground club and rave music. With almost 80 (!) releases to their credit, the label is a true supplier of club bangers that we encourage you to dig without hesitation.

Their next release is called Secret Garden EP and is signed by DJ Relax. We know little about the artist, except that he wanted to keep his identity mysterious. The label also told us that the 5 tracks that make up the EP had been carefully stored on a hard drive by one of the members of Audio Bambino. After waiting long enough, the Montreal crew and DJ Relax decided it was time to release them as this EP.

Secret Garden arises in a particular context for DJ Relax. A time taken from the routine of office life, the producer took the advice of a little bird that appeared to him telling him to relax and not think too much. So that’s what he did, first quitting the corporate world, then writing the songs he wanted, and his life is now truly relaxing. Sometimes the little bird comes back and brings DJ Relax a USB key or a burnt CD full of crazy rave shit, the producer also told us. The 5 tracks were originally made only for Relax and his homie the bird… but that was without counting on their meeting with Zap and the other Bambinos one day in Tokyo (read the graphic concept and the label’s key characters here) which motivated the producer to return to the game.

Our sample before the release is the title “Gazing 4 Real”, listening in this article. Pretty club music nugget somewhere between grime, trap and ethereal melodies, the title takes us into the soothing and club world of the aptly named DJ Relax.

Pre-order Secret Garden EP by DJ Relax on Bandcamp, out September 1 via Audio Bambino.