Undrwght Die in Polar Remix POSTWORLD Couvre x Chefs
Undrwght Die in Polar Remix POSTWORLD Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Undrwght – Bifröst (Die in Polar Remix) (POSTWORLD)

Mexican producer Undrwght draws inspiration from the Tree of Life from Norse mythology for his upcoming EP on POSTWORLD

The first release of the year for POSTWORLD is an EP from Mexican Undrwght. The prolific producer has to his credit a dense catalog of experimental club music gems tinged with influences ranging from tribal guarachero to grime via guaracha.

His new EP is called Yggdrasill and refers to the Tree of Life from Nordic mythology which connects the different kingdoms of the universe: that of the gods, that of giants and that of mortals. In his own way, Undrwght cleverly combines his musical influences and connects elements drawn from bass music and Latin club such as rhythmics, low-frequency keyboards and melodic lines to give his own sonic identity.

Our extract before the release of the EP is the title “Bifröst” remixed by Die in Polar. The producer and designer, boss of the Altar Club label, adds his captivating vocals to the original title, and it works perfectly.

Pre-order Yggdrasill by Undrwght on Bandcamp, released March 6 via POSTWORLD.