Douster (aka King Doudou) gives you two Young Thug summer edits

Before leaving on holidays, the homie Douster, aka Sorcerer King Doudou, offers us two edits of his favorite rapper of the moment: Young Thug. Two? Yes two, because for a few months Douster has decided to clearly separate his musical projects in two complementary entities : under the nickname Douster he still produces his own futuristic electronic music, his science fiction club bangers. While under his new alias King Doudou he will publish his tropical projects that we can call global bass (see the glossary at the end of the post).

Back to the news : two summer edits, one from Douster and the other from the mysterious King Doudou.

DOUSTER – Flex (Imma Bone Her) : the first is signed by Douster himself, and does justice to the futuristic electronic music that the Lyon based producer has  been establishing in club scene  around the world for several years now: the sound of clashing topspin laser gun metal barrels, full of kryptonite, all punctuated by Young Thug gimmicks. It has a music video up to the frenzied percussion that guide the rapper in his psychedelic journeys:

KING DOUDOU – La Cumbia de Danny Glover : The second is the work of the Douster’s tropical alter ego King Doudou. The old folk had the fantastic idea of ​​mixing rap and sounds of cumbia (see the glossary at the end of the post). This track is composed in a very different style from the first, which illustrates rather well the differentiation exposed by Douster between projects, futuristic electronic music and those which belong rather to the global bass (again, see the glossary at the end of the post) register. It is the title, Danny Glover by Young Thug featuring Nicki Minaj, re-calibrated for fiestas latinas de barrios más calientes. As for the previous song, Douster took the time to music video it all to make us want more:


Cumbia: Genre and dance invented in the seventeenth century in Colombia, that has spread to almost all of Latin America, offering variations in each country with music already based there, instruments, migration, etc… For example Peruvian cumbia uses North American instruments like the guitar or synthesizer due to the presence of Americans in Peru in the 70s, cumbia villera belongs to Argentina, cumbia sonidera is the Mexican one etc …

Global bass: This is the bass music genre globalized. The term bass music already covering many different styles like dubstep, UK garage etc … It can be described as a global bass music when to its original quality of bass music, are added influences of native rhythms from various areas of the globe such as the cumbia, zouk, kuduro …

Traduction by Ryan Lavoine.