ink midget Kilauea couvre x chefs
ink midget Kilauea couvre x chefs

[PREMIERE] Ink Midget – Flavors of Favors [Mäss]

The Slovakian producer Ink Midget announces his return with a brand new EP coming out very soon. Entitled Kilauea, this EP will be available on April 14 at Mäas, Bratislava based label/collective and party organizer, of which Ink Midget is a part.

Named after the most active volcano in the world today (in Hawaii), Kilauea EP is an ode to R’n’B and dance music from the 90/2000s, Neptunes and Timbaland era to name a few, but transposed in… 2023 (so in not so long!) and enhanced with dancehall, cumbia or tarraxinha mutations.

A hybrid and utopian pop music, which its author would place in an ideal future, “played at 3 am in your local kebab restaurant.” The idea is, let’s face it, very attractive.

Along the six tracks that make this EP, the producer from Bratislava explores this hybrid pop without fear or regrets and no doubt it will find its rightful place in the club. He does so by picking from its collection of raw percussion and organic samples.

Alyaah’s delayed vocal samples meet dislocated grime tropes, meet suburban melancholia, meets new world music coda, meets who knows what.

As an introduction before the release of the EP scheduled for next week, the producer entrusted us with the title Flavors of Flavors, which you can listen to with the link below.

Ink Midget’s EP Kilauea will be available on April 14th at Mäss.