kurama brat souvenir perdu
kurama brat souvenir perdu

The dark, moody and fantastic universe of Kurama | Interview

kurama brat souvenir perdu

Couvre x Chefs | Hi Kurama! Simple question to begin, could you explain to me the origin of your name?

Kurama | Yo! Kurama comes from Naruto in fact, one of my favorite manga’s and especially the one I grew up with. I wanted to pay tribute to that, plus it corresponds to a character who is dear to me and it sounded good.

What are your influences? What are you listening to right now?

They are really many and varied haha, I think that today I am always very influenced by all the things that I listened to when I started to get into music, it goes from punk/metal to video games OST’s. And then my influences which are much more recent like UK bass, experimental club and old uplifting trance.

“Souvenir Perdu”, the brand new Kurama’s EP out on BRAT

Tell us about your new release, how was the link with BRAT established (the label on which “Souvenir Perdu” is released)?

This is my first EP as Kurama. It’s been a year and a half that I worked on it and I’m pretty happy. I managed to take the time to mature the idea of the thing and give it a particular color I think. For BRAT I came across their first compilation “Absense” on Soundcloud and I was blown away. Since I was looking for a place for the EP, I sent it and apparently Max, the boss, appreciated it. “Souvenir Perdu” will be available on November 12th. [Author’s note: “Souvenir Perdu” is just available today and listenable below]

“Souvenir Perdu” out now!

And the art that accompanies your EP and the tour art, can you tell us more? The visual aspect seems to be as important as the music for you?

Yeah it is, for me an artwork is almost 50/50 with the music, like I’m annoyed when I like a piece but the cover is horrible haha. The artwork of the EP was directed by one of my favorite artists Sybil Montet de Doria, with whom I had already worked my DA and a previous track “BOYZZDONTCRY”. It really represents the atmosphere of EP that is quite dark and moody I think, while being in a very fantasy world. The art tour is Mael Sinic, a great Rennes artist with whom I had collaborated before as well.

This was your first? What does it represent for you?

This is my first and in real I called it tour but it’s more a few dates that follow each other before the release of the EP. But in any case I am really happy to have the opportunity to promote the project before its release and try to illustrate at best in dj sets! I hope to be able to play more in the future and possibly be able to do live in the near future.

More projects coming soon?

Yesss, I have collabs on which I work, including a double single with Bulma, a friend of Brussels, and others on which I cannot talk about for now. And of course I work on the follow up to  Lost Memory: “Tender Promise” :)

Kurama is on SoundCloud.