Wasted Fates: “I wanted to approach the Mundialero sound” [NAAFI]

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Wasted Fates, in the context of the recent Football World Cup, released his EP Mundialero on the Mexican label NAAFI. Four tracks worthy of making the dancefloor tremble like an audience tremble a whole stadium, whistles, vuvuzela, foghorns and big percussion to support. Octavio, his real name in real life, has also been selected to participate in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin in October. The perfect opportunity to ask him some questions about his last effort.



Interview: Wasted Fates


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Octavio Kh (Wasted Fates), I’m a DJ and producer from the Mexican collective NAAFI.

How would you define the sound of your last EP Mundialero?

On this EP I wanted to approach the Mundialero sound, which aims to resemble that of a stadium.



How was born “Wasted Fates”?

Wasted Fates was born around 2011-2012 while I lived in NY, I was an alcoholic back then so that’s why the name.

Comment as-tu commencé à faire de la musique ?

I started playing instruments since I was 13, by 16 I was going to raves and after that, I started experimenting with electronic music.

What was the creative process of Mundialero?

I started with the drum bases then added more patterns based in polyrhtym, then added brassy sections on some of the songs trying to emulate the detuned sound of a thousand of horns and vuvuzelas. I was thinking during the process that should be very dynamic.

What can you tell us about the graphic identity and the name of the EP?

The graphic identity was coined by Alberto Bustamante, we were thinking about jerseys and soccer balls. And the name is basically some sort of adjective to refer to the MUNDIAL (MUNDIAL = WORLD CUP).


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Mundialero is your first job published by NAAFI (after various bootlegs and mixes), what have been the benefits for you of working with the Mexico City label?

It has been very beneficial because of the huge fan base but also I’ve learned a lot from my friends and colleagues, and what I think its the most important thing is that we are constantly pushing each other and challenging each other, which is good for everyone’s growth.

Who would you like to work in the future?

I really want to work with NKC, his drum work is amazing.

What are your next projects?

After this EP I’m going to release another Album on NAAFI this year, also I have some material coming up on MAJIA, and probably a couple of releases more, I’m traveling to Europe for the first time for the RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY in Berlin, and also I’m doing my first TOUR there, let’s see what this year brings.

Wasted Fates’ EP Mundialero is already available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.



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