k i o s k 00effort couvre x chefs
k i o s k 00effort couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: k:i:o:s:k – Desire Path (00effort)

k:i:o:s:k brings together IDM breaks, experimental bass, and crystalline melodies on an upcoming EP on 00effort

00effort is an experimental electronic music label based in Warsaw, Poland. Through their catalog, their approach is to encourage diversity and push the limits of pre-established genres. Already counting several compilations and solo releases, the Polish label counts the club-oriented work of several emerging artists.

Their next release is called A Better Tomorrow, and is the work of k:i:o:s:k, co-founder·ice of 00effort. Consisting of four tracks, the EP conveys a sense of confidence, optimism, and hope. Between experimental bass, trance, IDM breaks, and other dub influences, the release elegantly combines percussive basses, choppy breaks, and captivating melodies. Ahead of the release, the label entrusted us with the title “Desire Path”, listening today in our columns.

The title that we unveil exclusively, “Desire Path”, is the opening track of the project. With its crystalline harmonies and its sharp percussions, interspersed with soaring moments, it precisely lays the foundations of the atmosphere worked along the four tracks. Saturated kicks and sliced breaks, reminiscent of IDM, respond to hypnotic melodic notes. All in progress, the introductory track of A Better Tomorrow ends with an unstoppable dancefloor opening.

K:i:o:s:k is a DJ, producer and promoter, and co-founder of 00effort. As an important local actor, they participate in the emancipation of the scene by organizing parties, releasing compilations, designing posters, and other artworks. Their productions and DJ sets oscillate between dance and experimental, with a certain interest in capturing emotions.

Pre-order A Better Tomorrow de k:i:o:s:k on Bandcamp, official release on April 20 via 00effort.