Maxwell Simons Beat Machine Records 3Phaz Couvre x Chefs
Maxwell Simons Beat Machine Records 3Phaz Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Maxwell Simons – Devagar feat. DJ Iodosan (3Phaz Remix) (Beat Machine Records)

Italian producer Maxwell Simons taps Egyptian visionary 3Phaz for explosive remix coming to Beat Machine Records

Maxwell Simons is an Italian producer and DJ with Brazilian roots. After exploring many genres from a young age, from Brazilian Funk to Techno and Hip Hop, he then opened up to Bass and more industrial sounds while completing his creative palette with sound engineer training.

His new EP is called CLUB 03.00 AM and will be released on the Beat Machine Records label. On this project, the Italian producer engages in a limitless exploration of genres, drawing on elements of Footwork, Techno, Brazilian Funk and Bass Music in order to compose his own sound universe. The release consists of the title “Devagar” ft. DJ Iodosan in two versions, one original and the other remixed by 3Phaz, which we have the pleasure of revealing exclusively today. For his remix, the essential Egyptian producer picks up the pace and infuses the track with percussions characteristic of his unique vision of the Mahraganat/Shaabi. Unstoppable.

CLUB 03.00 AM follows WELL 01.00 AM released a few weeks ago accompanied by a remix by El Irreal Veintiuno. These two releases are the first pieces of an exciting album project called TURMA 12.00 AM to come later.

Pre-order CLUB 03.00 AM by Maxwell Simons, official release on December 15 via Beat Machine Records.