SPIRAL STUDY de la je l'espère couvre x chefs
SPIRAL STUDY de la je l'espère couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Beatrice M. & Trois-Quarts Taxi System – French Lessons (De la… je l’espère)

Two French-raising talents pairing up on a pinger tune of mental techno, dubstep and IDM that will undoubtedly ruin any dance floor on its way

Amongst the numerous labels, collectives and collaborations that emerged throughout the French electronic scene during the pandemic era, the Paris-based De la… je l’espère shows a vision that is particularly across genre canons of techno, bass and ambient, while being deeply inspired by this three range of styles. Started in 2022, their “Curated” series aims to explore the various entities of nowadays club / non-club sonic aesthetics by giving the opportunity to each of their core members to release a batch of collaborative works, thus inviting the auditor to a journey to machine-lead experimentation, sample sharing and instrumental featuring of such.

This third volume subtitled SPIRAL STUDY was imagined by the crew founding and core member Eloi aka Trois-Quarts Taxi System, already known for his melting live shows into IDM, drum and bass, ambient and techno, or his recent outputs on imprints such as Human Disease Network and Typeless. He sets here what could be seen as a production manifesto, over the course of seven collaborative tracks jumping from ambient to fastened hybrid bass, through mental techno, and where he introduces duo affairs with artists by the like of ICI MTN, Marco Del Bosque or DalidaCarnage. Our intention here is to catch maybe one of the most furious mental bass tracks that we have heard in the past few months, namely “French Lessons”, by Trois-Quarts Taxi System and the new dubstep emerging boss of France, Beatrice M. The duo create an atmosphere of dazzling rhythms and highly textured sound design, aerial synths and strangely unknown vocal samples, which makes the tune as dark as cosmic.

Please note that Beatrice M. also just launched their own record label called Bait which focused on all kinds of dubstep-infused club music with now three releases on its back, in the historically revered shape of UK duo split singles. And who are we finding on the last of this series (tiens tiens..), none other than this dear Trois-Quarts Taxi System. All are connected to make us witness a new realm of bass-heavy riddim knights, so bend down and kneel to your kin!

De la… je l’espère’s third volume of the “Curated” series called SPIRAL STUDY will be out on all platforms this December 8th 2023. Follow the label on Bandcamp.