Miss Jay International Chrome Couvre x ChefsMiss Jay International Chrome Couvre x Chefs
Miss Jay International Chrome Couvre x ChefsMiss Jay International Chrome Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Miss Jay – Make A Move (International Chrome)

Milan-based rhythm slasher Miss Jay is back with this stunning 9-tracker exploring BPMs and melting music genres and styles with her (untitled) mixtape

Ten months after the last release on their Data Planet cassette series, breakbeat legends Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code welcome (untitled) by Miss Jay to their International Chrome label.

Established in 2018, the imprint has consistently delivered an eclectic catalog for lovers of underground electronic music across the spectrum. This latest album is no exception, featuring influences from various backgrounds: Club, Trap, Breaks, Jersey and even Hyperpop are the genres you’ll encounter as you listen.

With the participation of the talented a-rot, Darius the Barbarian on collab and Burna on remix duty, the Australian label and Miss Jay deliver a coherent mixtape with a beautifully crafted artistic direction. You can now listen to “Make A Move” on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels. This one has a Latin/trance-influenced bass with a heavy footwork rhythm. Personally, I love the intro, I think it’s how cyber-Aaaliyah would have sounded in 2024.

What more could you ask for?

Maybe a few words from the producer, right?

Here you go:

“A big part of my work is influenced by Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, especially the way I process vocals. With this track, I wanted to try out a different genre to what I usually do and so the result is faster than I would normally make; I wanted this album to cover a wide range of BPMs, something that is characteristic of my DJ sets.”

Pre-order (untitled) on cassette tape or digital via Bandcamp, out via International Chrome on the 25th of April.