Nüfrika Rolv.k Pekodjinn lowup couvre x chefs.jpg
Nüfrika Rolv.k Pekodjinn lowup couvre x chefs.jpg

NÜFRIKA’s (Rolv.K & Pekodjinn), debut EP on Lowup

NÜFRIKA is the name of the duo formed by the talented and proactive Genevan DJs and producers Rolv.K and Pekodjinn.

When one, Rolv.K, of Sierra Leonean origin, works to develop a very efficient afro baile sound and comes out remixes on Lowup or Man Recordings; the other, Pekodjinn, draws on his Tunisian roots and stamps his prods with the #AfroMaghreb tag.

Such collaboration was the logical continuation of the complementary journey of the two friends. Rolv.K and Pekodjinn, respectively members of the Swiss teams Toucankhamon / Mango Juice and Ozadya, have become in a few years on the front of the global club scene of the country, playing B2B, among others, in the excellent Genevan club La Graviere, alongside artists such as Mina and Bryte, or soon DJ Lag.

Sahel EP, the first project of NÜFRIKA

As the ultimate fusion of their influences, the first release of NÜFRIKA is entitled Sahel EP and will be available on the very good Belgian label Lowup Records this Friday, September 13, the pre-order is activated on Bandcamp.

In the meantime, you can already listen to the track Fayudan just below.

Listen back: the B2B of Rolv.K and Pekodjinn when we invited them on Hotel Radio Paris a few months ago.