PREMIERE: Pelussje – Air, Water, Earth, Fire = Digital Unit (Monstart)

Two years after its last release, the Montpellier-based label and collective Monstart announces its comeback with a new compilation, “Monstart Vol.6 : Togetherness Harmony”.

After the forced pause of a year and a half, punctuated by isolation and social distancing, Monstart wanted to reconnect with what is more than ever the essence of the collective: the fundamental importance of being together. Togetherness Harmony thus embodies a sensitive and euphoric rebirth to which no less than twelve artists were invited: OMAAR (MX), Ultraviolet (NZ), NT89 (IT), De Grandi (FR), Surgeons Girl (UK), Pelussje (IT), Ouanounou (FR), Phatrax (PL), Blackhouse (FR), Gipsyan (FR), Trigganom (UK) and Fearz (ES).

The release consists of eleven solo tracks and one collaborative track (the eponymous one that closes the album), a real collage composed by six people (Plussje, Gipsyan, Ultraviolet, NT89, and Ouanounou), and shot in a video directed by Ludovic Gontrand which will be released soon. Always eager to cross music and dance, the crew founded by Ouanounou (producer) and Chatte Chatoyante (dancer and performer) explores with Togetherness Harmony (compilation and track) the question of human trance ritual.

For us dance and music are inseparable. We approach them in a personal, visceral and inclusive way. We don’t care about fitting in.


Before the release, the label entrusted us with the diffusion of the track by Italian producers Pelussje, “Air, Water, Earth, Fire = Digital Unit”, which you can listen to today in our columns. A real hybrid piece that is more than six minutes long, the resolutely experimental track oscillates between club music and sound design for an unstoppable result.

Pre-order Monstart Vol.6 : Togetherness Harmony on Bandcamp, official release on November 26th.

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