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Daily Grind blog x PPDD exclusive mix

Our homie Philou has just released an exclusive musical set produced for The Daily Grind.

Philou Passe Des Disques, if browse the blog on a weekly basis, then you may know. It’s a series of eclectic musical selections, which you can set for your home-parties. Each mix is a surprising concoction including rap, jazz, and electronic music..put together, forming a surprisingly coherent and homogeneous set. Each release is the opportunity to (re)discovering new artists and a travel a bit.

Previous episodes include Horizons Différents, or Sonido PPDD, oscillating between traditional Mexican cumbia and futuristic tropical beats. In the latest mix, our homie Philou decided to produce and exclusive mix for The Daily Grind blog, a “multi-faceted blog” (featuring arts, fashion, culture…), with a certain appetence for street-culture. The founder, Liora, (deservedly) describes her blog as a “I didn’t knew that !” trigger.

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Enjoy !