Rinse France : BJF w/ Aasco & Lemonick

Rinse France show with Aasco & Lemonick

Last Friday we invited two main ambassadors of bass music in Switzerland:

DJ and producer from Neuchâtel, member of Hidden Peaks, he released many originals and remixes on Lacroixx (Pt), JEROME (US) and recently Files Rec (Ch), the label on which was published is excellent EP Volkan, featuring Joka (of La Vie C’est Facile). His production style is a shady bass music, oscillating between dembow and ballroom. We can’t wait for him to deliver in 2018 his several projects currently on hold.

No need to present this DJ and producer from Vevey (Ch), recently signed on NKC’s new record label Even The Strong (Uk), known for his percussive productions, released on Nervous Horizon (Uk), Sans Absence (Uk), Files Rec (Ch) and Argent Sale (Fr/Ch). We recently shared his remix of the track Rhizome by Circuit 900. We also remember his excellent set for Overdrive Infinity.

Tracklist :

Walton – Koto Riddim
Badsista – Nois é bandida vida loka
Kitoboy – Tribal Joke
Sente – Flossin
Boa Kusasa – Bheka
Calypso Rose – Leave Me Alone (ft. Manu Chao) (Tony Quattro Remix)
mOma+Guy – Baka Mad Nice
Merca Bae – ?????
OMAAR – String Track
King Doudou – Iba Iba
Kid Cala – Flute
Cooyah – Lah Pouse (Bat Tamboo Riddim)
Qechuaboi – Africada
DJ N.K. – Ghetto Whistle
Oonga – Oongarawoun

Tracklist coming soon

Lemonick – SBT (Elle Mix)
Shunji Moriwaki – Action (Drums Mix)
Midland & Pariah – Untitled 2
NKC – Dual Power
Lima – F Number
Alvaro – Ultimate Rise (Seductive Remix)
DJ JM – Sun Flower & Ice Cream Beat
Rampage & Nader – Gave You Love (Steve Starks & Nacey Remix)
The Mass Brothers – Pump It Up (Zombies For Money Remix)
Wiley VS ? – We’re Ready (Lemo Bootleg)
Steve Starks – Git Em (Zombies For Money Remix)
Blawan – Lavender
Randomer – Percussion Workout 2
MMM – Grundig
Kieran Loftus & Neana – Shark Week (Fatale Version)

BJF Soundcloud
Aasco Soundcloud
Lemonick Soundcloud