Scarlett - Thin Ice Couvre x Chefs
Scarlett - Thin Ice Couvre x Chefs

Scarlett | Thin Ice [CxC002]

It took several years for Scarlett‘s debut Thin Ice EP to reach its final state. It is the result of the will to give shape to emotional sensitivity through a very rich range of chords and sounds, and to sometimes embrace the “Sad Boy” or “Heartbroken” aesthetic, such as in the track “No Meaning”.

Most of all, Thin Ice is the final result of a self-questioning journey that illustrates, through the lyrics, doubt, uncertainty, identity, and, in the end, coming out as queer. It is achieved through hidden messages (“Ran”, “No Meaning”) or explicit lyrics (“Lights in the Sky”).

Thin Ice is both the personal and artistic statement of coming out, but it is also a very shy and modest manifesto that uses dual meanings and introspective dialogue to illustrate the feeling of being torn apart, and accepting one’s identity.


Music written and produced by Scarlett
Lyrics written and sung by Scarlett except for Leaving by Maghdalene
Mastered by Imaabs for Modos Estudio
Calligraphy & illustration by Bile Noire
© ℗ Couvre x Chefs 2020